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Friday, August 28, 2015

How to Pay PTPTN by E-banking (Maybank2U)

Hi Finally! I got some extra time to manage here. My godness. Lets get into the topic, cut short my grandmother story. haha!

Here comes a few steps for you :

Step 1: Visit to Maybank E-banking Websites Click HERE

After Login then proceed to Account & Banking.

Step 2 : Click at "Bill Payment"

Step 3 : Click at "Make a one off payment"

Step 4 : Choose from the drop down "Education & Education Loans"

Step 5 : Choose from "PTPTN - Bayaran Balik Pinjaman Pendidikan"

Step 6: Key in all the detail and amount that you would like to pay. Then click Continue.

Step 7 : After key in eveything then request TAC and taa-daa! You Have Done!

 Thats All. Xoxo

Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to Pay PTPTN by E-banking (CIMB)

I believe nowadays many student has received a letter that send from PTPTN to chase you for money. Many of you has then started to panic on how to pay off the money, and where to pay, forget pin number how, a lot of question mark stuck in the brain. Here I prepare a few step for you who would like to pay from your Saving account, pay by E-banking to avoid the queue from the PTPTN counter. Before that you have to make sure that you own a CIMB bank account with e-banking ID and Password yah!

Here comes the few step for you : 

Step 1 : Visit to your CIMB Bank Website HERE

Step 2 : Key in your Login ID and Password 

Step 3 : Click at Pay > Bills

Step 4 : Choose your account which you would like to pay for PTPTN.

Step 5 : Choose CIMB CLicks column and key in "PTPTN-Bayaran Balik Pinjaman Pendidikan" Then there will pop-out a table.

Step 6 : Key In your Identity Card number (IC), your phone number and the Amount that you would like to pay back. Then click Submit. 

Step 7 : After Click Submit, the pages will then update a table below with your IC number , Phone number and Amount of payment show. 

Step 8 : Confirmation page, double check again with the amout that you would like to pay, check your IC number and phone number see whether key in correctly. 

Step 9 : Click at the Request Via > TAC on SMS / TAC on Mobile. After click you will receive a TAC code then key in to the box and click "Confirm" there you have done your payment! 

If you want to check whether the transaction has been done successfully you can check from your transaction History there. As photo attached below. 

That all for my post, I will write others bank's E-banking Transaction post soon. So now everything into the system already, can save a lot of time for queue at the counter like a stupid. Okayy a really brief blog post here, back to work lahh! See you soon xoxo

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to Wear Bodycon dress to work?

My headline has clearly explain what am I going to post about. HAHA! Sorry for still pending with my Euro tour post. Its been months that never update anything here. Alright lets get back to the blogging life here. 

Nowadays people are more toward fashion sense, they would like to wear something that bringing out their personalities as well as showing off their body line. Why do I said so? Believe it or not, there is 99 out of 100 percents girls are shouting their body is FAT. Right! So do I. Previously people will think that in order to hide all my fats and layer of tyres I can just wear something big and loose, so that able to cover the ugly body line, the shirt is big enough to show that I am slim enough. Beside that, its so comfortable like a pyjamas right. So true, but the crucial fact was, the bigger the shirt, the fatter you are.  That the reason why you see a lot of girl are wearing bodycon dress. What is it so call bodycon dress

Bodycon dress are seen to be hitting the fashion industry wear woman are wearing it to parties, dinner events, wedding and even to work. The body hugging attire will not only look stunning on every woman but also exudes that sexy aura out of you. however, too much sexiness at the work place will just not do so there are several of ways where a woman can wear the bodycon dress at the office looking decent and professional. The first way a woman can wear that stunning looking bodycon dress is by pairing it with a nice cropped blazer. the trick to make it look dazzlingly prettyis to choose a solid colour blazer on top of a printed bodycon dress and vice versa. However, if you want maintain the professional look, match a black crop blazer on a plain colour bodycon dress with a pair of killer high heels.

The next look is by layering the bodycon with a long vest and buckled patterned belt to better accentuate your waist.  A vest will surely give you that effortless chic yet professional look at the office when you are rushing to meetings or discussions. Vests are also a way for women who want to appear professional but with a toned down look compared to blazers. 

Other than that, the third way a woman can try pulling off at the office is by overlaying a buttoned down shirt over your bodycon dress. This in turn will look as you are having a skirt and blouse on which will look perfect as office attire. Besides that, you could also wrap a belt around your waist to create a peplum top look of your shirt and appear absolutely sophisticated all day at the office. If you are wondering where to get new bodycon dresses, check out ZALORA as it offers a wide range of bodycon dress designs for women online.

Just like how I am pairing for my Anniversary dinner at Thirty8 - Grand Hyatt. This can be a working look as well as a dinner outfit. It looks gorgeous as well as professional at the same time.  You can pair with a small simple hand bag or tote bad to match with your outfit. I love this outfit as this outfit is flexible enough for all the events, this can be sweet, pretty as well formal. Just depend on where you wanna go and what you decide to wear. This may show out your bodyline so that you may look slim and noble. I love how this outfit bring out the temperament of a person. So what you waiting for? Lets shop to Zalora for more tempted bodycon outfit. xoxo

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trip to London - Day 3

Day 3! After done prepare everything then we heading out to the town for our last day! For today we will join the Europe Tour bus for our Europe Tour Oh my god time flies! Never thought time could past so fast man! For today, we heading to Madame Tussauds London. We spend about ah hour to queue and spend roughly 3 hours inside took photo with 80% of all the famous people. while the others 20% are not allowed to take photo so yea. 

After came out from Madame Tusauds, we then heading to the town walk around and also visited to harry potter haha! Before that we went to the most well-known restaurant for big Lobster lunch haha! so juicy and yummy!

Look what is that? its CHATIME! finally they allowed me to try for the first and the last time in London! So happy and photo booming again !

Yes, came to London or UK you must have visit to their theatre! This is a must in my to do list! So we choose Mamamia ! and we go for it~ Not to mentioned the Entrance ticket included the theatre show and also FOOD. 

After took the LAST night scene of London then we heading back to our hotel and get our luggage done and proceed to the station that bus will come and pick us. So sad and really say good bye to my UK life.